300 Lebih Pintasan untuk Inkscape

Saat bekerja menggunakan inkscape kita sering menggunakan mouse untuk memilih fitur yang diinginkan namun jika cara tersebut dilakukan berulang-ulang tentu menjadi hal yang kurang efektif. Untuk itu Shortcuts atau pintasan-pintasan menjadi pilihan untuk mempersingkat waktu. Berikut 300 lebih pintasan yang tersedia.

1. Dialog

Shift+Ctrl+FFill and Stroke
Shift+Ctrl+TText and Font
Shift+Ctrl+AAlign and Distribute
Shift+Ctrl+OObject Properties
Shift+Ctrl+HUndo history
Shift+Ctrl+XXML Editor
Shift+Ctrl+DDocument Preferences
Shift+Ctrl+PInkscape Preferences
Shift+Ctrl+EExport to PNG
Shift+Alt+BTrace bitmap
F12Toggle dialogs – This temporarily hides all open dialogs; another F12 shows them again
EscWithin a dialog return to the canvas
Ctrl+F4/Ctrl+WWithin a dialog close the dialog
TabWithin a dialog jump to next widget
Shift+TabWithin a dialog jump to previous widget
EnterWithin a dialog set the new value – This accepts the new value you typed in a text field and returns focus to canvas
Ctrl+EnterIn XML Editor, set the attr value When editing an attribute value in XML Editor, this sets the new value (same as Clicking the Set attribute button)
SpacebarthenEnterActivate current button or list
Ctrl+Page Up/ Ctrl+Page DownIn a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs

2. Control Bar

Alt+XJump to the first editable field
EnterAccept the new value
EscCancel changes, return to canvas
Ctrl+ZCancel changes
TabJump to next field
Shift+TabJump to previous field
Up Arrow/Down ArrowChange value by 01
Page Up/Page DownChange value by 50

3. Canvas

=Zoom in
Zoom out
Middle Click, Ctrl+Right ClickZoom in
Shift+middle Click, Shift+Right ClickZoom out
Ctrl+Mouse wheelZoom in or out
Shift+Middle button DragZoom into the area
Alt+ZActivate Zoom field – The Zoom field in the lower left corner of the window allows you to specify Zoom level precisely
1Zoom 1:1
2Zoom 1:2
3Zoom to selection
4Zoom to drawing
5Zoom to page
Ctrl+E,6Zoom to page width
`Previous Zoom
Shift+`Next Zoom
Ctrl+ArrowsScroll canvas – Scrolling by keys is accelerated, ie it speeds up when you press Ctrl+Arrows Keys in quick succession, or press and hold
Middle button DragPan canvas
Shift+right button drag, Ctrl+right button DragPan canvas
Mouse wheelScroll canvas vertically
Shift+Mouse wheelScroll canvas horizontally
Mouse DragDrag off a ruler to create guide
|,Shift+\Toggle guides and snapping to guides
#,Shift+3Toggle grid and snapping to grid
Ctrl+keypad 5Toggle normal/outline mode

4. Palette

ClickSet fill color on selection
Shift+ClickSet stroke color on selection
Mouse DragDrag fill color to objects
Shift+Mouse DragDrag stroke color to objects

5. File

Ctrl+NCreate new document
Ctrl+OOpen an SVG document
Shift+Ctrl+EExport to PNG
Ctrl+IImport bitmap or SVG
Ctrl+PPrint document
Ctrl+SSave document
Shift+Ctrl+SSave under a new name
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+SSave a copy
Ctrl+QExit Inkscape

6. Window

Ctrl+RToggle rulers
Ctrl+BToggle scrollbars
F11Toggle fullscreen
F10Main menu
Shift+F10,Right ClickDrop-down (context) menu
Ctrl+F4,Ctrl+WClose document window – This shuts down Inkscape if it was the only document window open
Ctrl+TabNext document window
Shift+Ctrl+TabPrevious document window – These cycle through the active document windows forward and backward

7. Layers

Shift+Page UpMove to layer above
Shift+Page DownMove to layer below
Shift+Ctrl+Page UpRaise layer
Shift+Ctrl+Page DownLower layer
Shift+Ctrl+HomeRaise layer to top
Shift+Ctrl+EndLower layer to bottom

8. Objects

Shift+Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+YRedo
Ctrl+CCopy selection – This places a copy of the selection to the Inkscape clipboard Text from text objects is also placed onto the system clipboard
Ctrl+XCut selection – This works the same as copy selection followed by deleting the selection
Ctrl+VPaste clipboard – This places the clipboard objects at the Mouse cursor, or at the center of the window if Mouse is outside the canvas
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste in place – This places the clipboard objects to the original location from which they were copied
Ctrl+DDuplicate selection
Alt+DClone object – A clone can be Moved/Scaled/Rotated/skewed independently, but it updates the path, fill, and stroke from its original
Shift+Alt+DUnlink clone – Unlinking a clone cuts the link to the original, turning the clone into a plain copy
Shift+DSelect original – To find out which object this is a clone of, select the clone and give this command The original will be selected
Alt+BCreate a bitmap copy
Shift+Alt+BTrace bitmap – This opens the Trace Bitmap dialog allowing you to convert a bitmap object to path(s)
Alt+IObject(s) to pattern – This converts the selection to a rectangle with tiled pattern fill
Shift+Alt+IPattern to object(s) – Each selected object with pattern fill is broken into the same object without fill and a single pattern object
Shift+Ctrl+U, Ctrl+GGroup selected objects – Use Ctrl+Click to select objects within group
Shift+Ctrl+G, Ctrl+UUngroup selected group(s) – This reMoves only one level of grouping; press Ctrl+U repeatedly to ungroup nested groups
HomeRaise selection to top
EndLower selection to bottom
Page UpRaise selection one step
Page DownLower selection one step

9. Path

Shift+Ctrl+CConvert selected object(s) to path
Ctrl+Alt+CConvert stroke to path
Ctrl++Union – Union combines any number of objects into a single path, removing overlaps
Ctrl+-Difference -Difference works on 2 objects, extracting the top from the bottom
Ctrl+*Intersection – Intersection creates a path representing the common (overlapping) area of all selected objects
Ctrl+^Exclusive OR (XOR) – XOR is similar to Union, except that it works on 2 objects and reMoves areas where the objects overlap
Ctrl+/Division (cut) – Division cuts the bottom object into pieces by the top object, preserving the fill and stroke of the bottom
Ctrl+Alt+/Cut path
Ctrl+(Inset path (towards center)
Ctrl+)Outset path (away from center) – The default offset distance is 2 px (SVG pixel units, not screen pixels)
Alt+(Inset path by 1 pixel
Alt+)Outset path by 1 pixel
Shift+Alt+(Inset path by 10 pixels
Shift+Alt+)Outset path by 10 pixels – The actual distance for pixel offsets depends on Zoom level Zoom in for finer adjustment
Ctrl+JCreate dynamic offset
Ctrl+Alt+JCreate linked offset
Shift+DSelect source
Ctrl+KCombine paths
Shift+Ctrl+KBreak paths apart – This attempts to break an object into constituent paths; it will fail if the object is one solid path

10. Selector

TabSelect next object
Shift+TabSelect previous object –
Ctrl+ASelect all (current layer) – This works on objects within the current layer (unless you change that in preferences)
Ctrl+Alt+ASelect all (all layers)
!Invert selection (current layer)
Alt+!Invert selection (all layers)
BackSpacebar/DelDelete selection
Arrow KeysMove selection by the nudge distance
Shift+Arrow KeysMove selection by 10x nudge distance
Alt+ArrowsMove selection by 1 pixel
Alt+Shift+ArrowsMove selection by 10 pixels
>Scale selection up by the Scale step
<Scale selection down by the Scale step
Ctrl+>Scale selection to 200%
Ctrl+<Scale selection to 50%
Alt+>Scale selection up by 1 pixel
Alt+<Scale selection down by 1 pixel
,Rotate selection by the angle step
Ctrl+[,Ctrl+]Rotate selection by 90 degrees
Alt+[,Alt+]Rotate selection by 1 pixel
HFlip selection horizontally
VFlip selection vertically
ClickSelect an object
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Double-ClickEdit the object
Ctrl+ClickSelect within group
Ctrl+Shift+ClickToggle selection within group
Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+Alt+ClickToggle under
Ctrl+Alt+ClickSelect under, in groups
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+ClickToggle under, in groups
Ctrl+EnterEnter group
Ctrl+BackSpaceGo to parent group/layer
Mouse DragSelect multiple objects
Shift+Mouse DragAdd objects to selection
Mouse DragSelect and Move
Alt+Mouse DragMove selected
Ctrl+Mouse DragRestrict Movement to horizontal or vertical
Shift+Mouse DragTemporarily disable snapping
Mouse Drag,SpacebarDrop a copy
ClickToggle Scale/rotation handles
Mouse DragScale (Scale handles)
Mouse DragRotate or skew (rotation handles)
Mouse DragScale
Ctrl+Mouse DragScale preserving aspect ratio
Shift+Mouse DragSymmetric transformation
Alt+Mouse DragSlow Movement
Mouse DragRotate or skew
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap skew angle
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap rotation angle
Mouse DragMove rotation center
Shift+ClickReset rotation center
EscCancel rubberband, Move, transformation

11. Node Tool

TabSelect next node
Shift+TabSelect previous node
Ctrl+ASelect all nodes in subpath(s)
Ctrl+Alt+ASelect all nodes in path
!Invert selection in subpath(s)
Alt+!Invert selection in path
EscDeselect all nodes
Arrow KeysMove selected node(s) by the nudge distance
Shift+Arrow KeysMove selected node(s) by 10x nudge distance
Alt+Arrow KeysMove selected node(s) by 1 pixel
Alt+Shift+Arrow KeysMove selected node(s) by 10 pixels
</>Contract/expand both handles by Scale step
Left Ctrl+<,Left Ctrl+>Scale left handle by the Scale step
Right Ctrl+<,Right Ctrl+>Scale right handle by the Scale step
Left Alt+</Left Alt+>Scale left handle by 1 pixel
Right Alt+</Right Alt+>Scale right handle by 1 pixel
[,]Rotate both handles by the angle step
Left Ctrl+, Left Ctrl+]Rotate left handle by the angle step
Right Ctrl+, Right Ctrl+]Rotate right handle by the angle step
Left Alt+, Left Alt+]Rotate left handle by 1 pixel
Right Alt+, Right Alt+]Rotate right handle by 1 pixel
,/ >Scale nodes up by the Scale step
,,/<Scale nodes down by the Scale step
Alt+,/Alt+>Scale nodes up by 1 pixel
Alt+,,/Alt+<Scale nodes down by 1 pixel
[, ]Rotate nodes by the angle step
Alt+[,Alt+]Rotate nodes by 1 pixel
HFlip nodes horizontally
VFlip nodes vertically
Shift+LMake line
Shift+UMake curve
Shift+CMake cusp
Shift+SMake smooth
Shift+YMake symmetric
Ctrl+ClickToggle smooth/cusp/symmetric
Shift+JJoin selected nodes
Shift+BBreak selected node(s)
BackSpace/DelDelete selected node(s)
Ctrl+BackSpace/Ctrl+DelDelete without preserving shape
Ctrl+Alt+ClickCreate/delete node
Double ClickCreate node
InsertInsert new node(s)
Shift+DDuplicate selected node(s)
ClickClick a non-selected object to select
Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection
ClickSelect a node
ClickSelect two adjacent nodes
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Mouse DragSelect multiple nodes
Shift+Mouse DragAdd nodes to selection
Mouse DragMove selected nodes
Ctrl+Mouse DragRestrict Movement to horizontal or vertical
Ctrl+Alt+Mouse DragMove along handles
Shift+Mouse DragTemporarily disable snapping
Shift+Mouse DragDrag out handle
Mouse DragMove a node handle
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap the handle to angle steps
Shift+Mouse DragRotate both handles
Alt+Mouse DragLock the handle length
Ctrl+ClickRetract the handle
Shift+RReverse path direction
EscCancel rubberband or Move

12. Rectangle Tool

Mouse DragDraw a rectangle
Ctrl+Mouse DragMake a square or integer-ratio rectangle
Shift+Mouse DragDraw around the starting point
ClickClick an object to select
Alt+Click/Ctrl+Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Mouse DragDrag a handle to resize or round corners
Ctrl+Mouse DragLock width, height, or ratio (resize handles)
Ctrl+Mouse DragLock the corner circular (rounding handles)

13. Ellipse Tool

Mouse DragDraw an ellipse
Ctrl+Mouse DragMake circle or integer-ratio ellipse
Shift+Mouse DragDraw around the starting point
ClickClick an object to select
Alt+Click,Ctrl+Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Mouse DragDrag a handle to resize, Make arc or segment
Ctrl+Mouse DragLock circle (resize handles)
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap to angle steps (arc/segment handles)

14. Star Tool

Mouse DragDraw a star
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap star to angle steps
ClickClick an object to select
Alt+ClickSselect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Mouse DragDrag a handle to vary the star shape
Ctrl+Mouse DragKeep star rays radial (no skew)
Shift+Mouse DragRound the star
Shift+ClickRemove rounding
Alt+Mouse DragRandomize the star
Alt+Click,Ctrl+Alt+ClickRemove randomization

15. Spiral Tool

Mouse DragDraw a spiral
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap spiral to angle steps
ClickClick an object to select
Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection
Mouse DragRoll/unroll from inside (inner handle)
Alt+Mouse DragConverge/diverge (inner handle)
Alt+Click, Ctrl+Alt+ClickReset divergence (inner handle)
Shift+ClickZero inner radius (inner handle)
Mouse DragRoll/unroll from outside (outer handle)
Shift+Mouse DragScale/Rotate (outer handle)
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap handles to angle steps

16. Pen Tool

ClickCreate a sharp node
Shift+ClickAdd to selected path
Mouse DragCreate a bezier node with two handles
Shift+Mouse DragMove only one handle
Ctrl+Mouse DragSnap the handle to angle steps
Arrow KeysMove last node by the nudge distance
Shift+Arrow KeysMove last node by 10x nudge distance
Alt+Arrow KeysMove last node by 1 pixel
Alt+Shift+Arrow KeysMove last node by 10 pixels
Shift+LMake last segment line
Shift+UMake last segment curve
EnterFinish current line
Right ClickFinish current line
Double ClickFinish current line
Esc,Ctrl+ZCancel current line
BackSpace,DelErase last segment of current line

17. Dropper Color

Clickpick fill color
Shift+Clickpick stroke color
Mouse Dragaverage fill color
Shift+Mouse Dragaverage stroke color
Alt+Clickpick inverse color
Ctrl+Ccopy color

18. Caligraphy

Mouse DragDraw a calligraphic line
Left Arrow,Right ArrowAdjust pen width
Up Arrow,Down ArrowAdjust pen angle
Mouse DragCreate gradient
Double ClickCreate default gradient
TabSelect next handle
Shift+TabSelect previous handle
Arrow KeysMove selected handle by the nudge distance
Shift+Arrow KeysMove selected handle by 10x nudge distance
Alt+Arrow KeysMove selected handle by 1 pixel
Alt+Shift+Arrow KeysMove selected handle by 10 pixels
EscDeselect handle
Double ClickOpen gradient editor
Shift+RReverse gradient definition
ClickClick an object to select
Alt+ClickSelect under
Shift+ClickToggle selection

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